Need to get a blood test? Concierge Lab Services can help! We have local blood test labs that can provide quick, accurate test results without a doctor’s prescription or insurance. Visit us today for your medical test!

What Blood Tests Do We Offer?

You can come to us for many types of blood tests. Some of our most common blood tests include:

  • Stat draws: Do you need quick results for your blood work? We offer stat draws, which is a procedure that needs immediate doing.
  • Pediatric blood draws and heel sticks: If your child needs a blood test, we can get blood tests via a heel stick, which is minimally invasive and good for young children, especially babies.
  • STD blood testing: Want to confirm whether you have an STD? We can help find that. We offer single tests for a specific STD, or we can provide various test panels for common STDs.
  • Vitamin, mineral, and nutritional wellness testing: Want to improve your diet or overall life? This blood test can determine deficiencies so that you can know what to do next.

These are just a few of our provided blood tests. We can do repeat tests as necessary. Get in touch to learn if we can help you with your blood work.

Why Choose Us?

We offer blood testing for anyone who needs it. That means that if you don’t have a doctor’s order or insurance, we still welcome you. We also provide quick and confidential results, and we offer appointments every day of the week. Best of all, we can provide a quoted price with no hidden fees.

How Do You Schedule Your Blood Test?

If you require a blood test from our blood testing labs, call us at 321-312-6992 or use our online form.