Do you want to know whether your baby’s a boy or a girl immediately? Or perhaps you are having doubts about your partner’s commitment to your relationship? Would you like to confirm if you’re the father of the baby in her womb? We provide safe and accurate DNA testing services.

Concierge Lab Services can help you find the answers you’re looking for.

For many years, DNA testing has been the most reliable technique used in determining a person’s identity and gender. It’s no wonder forensic and medical laboratories around the world rely on this scientific method. At Concierge Lab Services, we focus on maintaining the highest level of integrity in our company and the results we provide. Accuracy is assured. If requested, DNA results are court accepted.

DNA samples can determine:
• Who the father of a baby is
• The gender of the unborn child
• Who is responsible for a crime
• The identity of victims in a crime
• If a person is committing adultery

Concierge Lab Services has been focused on providing the safest, most convenient, comprehensive, and accurate DNA testing available to the public, while maintaining the best pricing. We continue to employ only the latest DNA based technologies and techniques to ensure the most accurate results available.

Our DNA Testing is Discreet and Confidential.