Concierge Lab Services is a boutique consumer lab company that is focused on not only offering medical blood tests, but also on allowing the public to be in control of their health and well-being by having access to medical tests without prescriptions from the healthcare provider.

Aside from common medical tests requested by doctors, Concierge has highly specialized tests available to the public without prescription that offer a more in-depth look at the causes of illness, rather than just treating the symptoms. Many tests are focused on prevention and give the individual the knowledge and ability to make necessary lifestyle changes to prevent the onset of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, auto immune disease and many more.

Our aim is to provide lower prices and a more personalized and professional service to the public than other larger labs in the area. We are by appointment only and thereby give the individual the time necessary to make sure that their needs are understood and addressed. Our staff is caring, courteous and very professional in the service they provide.

We believe in the inter-connection of the body and the mind when addressing medical issues and we therefore strive to provide a more holistic environment for the individual while using our services.